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ADK upholstered furniture manufacturing company based in Dnipro, Ukraine, is one of the leaders of its branch among all Ukrainian furniture manufacturers.

Starting from 2003 we had been going our way from a small assembly shop up to modernly equipped high-capacity manufacturing company. Modern technology and innovation are our main features. This is the only way to go with the times implementing contemporary developments. We are in constant ongoing search for innovative approaches in furniture manufacturing. Our experience in production and development makes us confident not only on the domestic market but worldwide too.

Our mission is to become a trustworthy upholstered furniture manufacturer based in Ukraine. We appreciate every customer, which helps us live up our reputation on the market.

Our aim is to reach that quality level, which is more than acceptable for upholstered furniture segment paying extra attention to every detail.

ADK furniture undergoes countless quality tests at every stage of production from design to assembly. Moreover, we test all materials we use in production. We can start using every material only when our quality control department approves the foam, fabric, lumber, metal parts and so on. Such a quality management is attested by international certificates such as ISO 9001.

ADK design department is created by highly qualified, dedicated professionals who are passionately involved in furniture production designing not only a piece of décor but interior space decoration in general. Modern software encourages our designers to create different forms, constructions, and functions. Every step of development is accurately documented and put into system simplifying the future full-cycle production of each new model.

ADK is a brand name known in Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Israel and many countries of the EU.

Our furniture speaks for itself and we are proud of it.

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