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Furniture factory “Renessans” is working on the Ukrainian market for 15 years, since 2001. During the work the company established high-production facilities, equipped with modern facilities (such as precision machine tools Austrian production), formed by the team of qualified professionals ready to work on the result. Today the collective of the factory has about 50 people. A small staff makes it possible to respond flexibly and quickly react to market changes as quickly and effectively implement new processes or introduce into production new products. However, a small team can also work actively with the personal requests of clients, including large individual orders to carry out radically new products for the factory.

Our priorities – innovation and continuous improvement. Now the company is continuously updated and stable production capacity. And increased production volumes, which is also associated with an exit on the exports: in 2009, our products are exported to Russia, since 2012 – in Kazakhstan. Continuing the search for new markets and expansion of already involved – for example, placement of new exhibition booths in the large cities of Ukraine, looking for new partners willing to work for the result.

In the factory, PE “TK-Renessans” is introduced and for several years now successfully operates a quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2009. QMS ISO 9001:2009 standard provides a process approach to the organization of the factory. Any problems are discussed in the company splitting into component processes, which allows you to organize the work in stages, continuously analyze each stage, to identify inconsistencies in it and if necessary, to quickly adjust and coordinate actions as an employee, and the entire team.