Made by: Blest

Product description:

The structure of the “Atari” model includes a sofa bed and corner sets, consisting of two sections: one section is with a transformation mechanism and section A is without any functions. If it is necessary to increase the sleeping area, a part of the section A back goes up and it is fastened with a strap with a button. The section with the transformation mechanism has a niche for storing bed linen.

The transformation mechanism of the model is “extension type” and designed for everyday use. It is very convenient for transformation. The feature of the mechanism is the availability of turning legs which, when the sofa is folded, are in the top position and do not spoil the look, and, when the sofa is unfolded, they take a lower position and serve as a support for the seat.

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SLEEPING PLACE  212*142.5 cm

SEAT HEIGHT  43.5 cm

Upholstery options: fabric / faux suede

Parameters in cm / in

height 72
width 106.5
length 224