Made by: Blest

Product description:

“Indie” is a model has a double sofa bed and Chair-bed, which allow the use of the small space. The model has the mechanism of transformation to everyday sleep, which combines the two most popular mechanisms: the “Euro size” and “Dolphin”. This mechanism provides an opportunity to relax and choose a comfortable position for them: sit, lie or “relax”. Sleeper consists of three parts: the main part has the mechanism “Dolphin”. “Relax” is easily transformed from a position for sleep: for this it is necessary to raise the main part and attach it to the buttons, move both the seats together. “Indie” is a place for laundry. Covers “indie” decorated with words and buttons, which make the Chair volume but keep the fabric, reduce wrinkling.

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SLEEPING PLACE  136*200 cm

Parameters in cm / in

height 65
width 102
length 175