Very Happy


Made by: Blest

Product description:

Have you ever dreamed of insanely beautiful, comfortable and very practical sofa which would allow placing all the guests and ensuring comfort sleep at the same time? In this case the sofa “Very Happy” is definitely what you are looking for. Through a combination of innovative swivel mechanism and the “Eurobook” mechanism, the model “Very Happy” is unique as it can perform simultaneously 3 functions: it can be both, a compact corner sofa, and a spacious corner sofa, and at the same time you can use it as a standard bed .

Therefore you are sure to have enough space to accommodate all the guests on the sofa. The sofa is equipped with a niche for bedding. Additionally, the sofa can be produced with soft sidewalls or with a sidewall-shelf.

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Upholstery options: fabric / faux suede

Parameters in cm / in

height 68
width 158
length 231